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Skip the HSE Waiting List – Secure Reimbursement for Overseas Healthcare

Are you experiencing delays on the HSE waiting list for medical treatment in Ireland? If your health condition deteriorates while awaiting treatment, you might qualify for reimbursement. This applies if you seek healthcare in the EU, EEA, or Switzerland. The Treatment Abroad Scheme provides an avenue for individuals faced with extended waiting times. It ensures you have access to necessary medical care if delays impact your health status. Learn about your eligibility for refunds and how seeking treatment abroad could alleviate the strain caused by prolonged waiting periods.

Jump HSE waiting list – go abroad and get refund

MedRefund – Your Solution for Escaping the HSE Waiting List

As an Irish and EU resident, you hold the entitlement to access medical treatment across the EU and reclaim expenditures on healthcare. MedRefund LTD specializes in assisting EU and EEA residents in navigating the essential processes for organizing and recovering expenses.

Embrace the opportunity of reduced healthcare expenses in Europe and expedite your access to necessary treatments by opting for medical care abroad. The HSE provides refunds based on the treatment type and the country where it was obtained.

Can I Access HSE Funding for Healthcare Abroad?

Absolutely. Whether you’re awaiting various treatments such as orthopaedic surgeries (like hip or knee procedures), gynaecological surgeries (for conditions such as endometriosis), or any other medical interventions, choosing to have these treatments abroad can help you bypass the HSE waiting list. The HSE offers a specific process that MedRefund can assist you with. Complete our pre-treatment form tailored for HSE procedures today.

Applying for an HSE Refund following Healthcare Abroad

Selecting the appropriate route is essential when applying for a refund. MedRefund offers comprehensive guidance on our website. Visit our “Jump the HSE Waiting List” page for detailed information and initiate your refund application now. For unplanned treatments conducted within a state system abroad, complete our emergency treatment form. If your treatment, whether planned or emergency, took place in a private clinic, fill out our private treatment abroad refund form to facilitate your reimbursement process.


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