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How to perform planned treatment in Poland refunded by HSE?

Planned treatment in Poland refunded by HSE? How is it possible? If you live in Ireland and are planning treatment in Poland, you will get your money back. If you have had an opportunity to interact with the Irish health service at least once, you probably know how difficult it is sometimes to get the right medical attention. When your GP assigns you another dose of paracetamol, then you start considering a private medical and maybe o abroad. Thanks to Medrefund, you can get HSE reimbursement for treatment in Poland or any other country in the EU.

You live in Ireland and are planning treatment in Poland, you will get your money back. How to perform planned treatment in Poland for HSE? HSE treatment planned in Poland!

Get access to the best clinics in Poland and Europe at the expense of HSE.

Medrefund can arrange an appointment with specialists in the best clinics at a convenient time. Medrefund will arrange all the formalities related to the consultation and reimbursement of treatment costs for you so that you can focus only on your own health. Make an appointment with the best Polish and European specialists. You can get your HSE surgery sooner.

Medrefund is a dynamically developing company offering new and unique services in the field of medical tourism and cooperates only with the best clinics in Poland and Europe. Meeting the expectations of its customers, Medrefund is constantly developing and expanding the range of services offered. The most important goal of Medrefund is to arrange patients’ treatment sooner and help them jump the HSE waiting list.

We are constantly expanding the network of clinics in Poland and across Europe and our goal is to acquire one comprehensive facility that specializes in every possible field of medicine, in the largest cities in Europe ” – said Arnis Krasovskis, the owner of the company.

Call us before you make your next visit to a doctor, and we will suggest the most convenient date for you to visit the best consultants, and at the clinic, you will be accepted and served as a valued client. You don’t have to worry about formalities, because the clinics cooperating with us know what documents are necessary to obtain reimbursement for treatment ”- adds Mr. Krasovskis. Comprehensive medical services and reimbursement for planned treatment refunded by HSE are options available already now.

Planned treatment in the best clinics in Poland for HSE patients!

Using the comprehensive services of Medrefund you can be sure that you will receive professional medical care in the best clinics in Poland and reimbursement for examinations and surgery.

You do not have to look for a doctor on your own, because the Medrefund team will find a suitable specialist for you and arrange an appointment on your behalf at the chosen date and place. The reimbursement application process has been simplified for patients using medical services at Medrefund partner clinics. After the treatment is over, you will receive all the necessary documents that will allow you to obtain a refund. Customer opinions are the most important showpiece of any company.

HSE can cover the costs of planned treatment in Poland!

All formalities related to the reimbursement process will be handled by the team of Medrefund. As a person living in the EU, you have the right to be treated in Poland or any other country in the EU and the HSE will cover the costs associated with it. This has become possible thanks to the new rules established in the European Parliament. According to the new directive of the European Union, a patient living permanently in Ireland has the right to choose a medical service provider in the European Economic Area and can legally receive a refund for planned HSE treatment. Do not hesitate and contact Medrefund to make an appointment with a doctor and get a refund for:

  • orthopaedic procedures – knee arthroscopy, spine surgery, foot surgery, rehabilitation
  • gynaecological procedures – fibroids, uterine lifting, biopsies, cyst removal procedures, endometriosis;
  • operations and various tests – hernia operations, tonsils, MRT, KT, gastroscopy;
  • and many others.

Call us on +44 (0) 789 673 6301 (WhatsApp) or can also write to us at the email address: or Your health is the most important, and we will take care of the rest.

Contact us before going to Poland or any other country and choose one of the clinics cooperating with us, and then getting a refund for your treatment may be free of charge for you.