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Jump HSE waiting list – go abroad and get refund

Jump HSE waiting list – go abroad and in some cases, you get a refund from HSE.  Are you on the waiting list and need surgery? You could be entitled to a refund if during your travel abroad in the EU/EEA or Switzerland your condition deteriorated and you needed to see the doctor.

Jump HSE waiting list – go abroad and get refund

If you live in the ROI you can access treatment abroad

If you live in the ROI, you may retrieve the money you have spent on treatment received in Europe. MedRefund LTD helps the residents of the EU and EEA to complete all formalities to plan and retrieve money spent on medical services received in countries of the European Union (EU).

Every person legally residing in Ireland has the right to choose a medical services provider in any other EU country as well. When receiving treatment outside Ireland its residents have the right to retrieve the money spent on healthcare if it was an emergency or necessary.

The residents of the ROI may get emergency and necessary treatment abroad – jump the HSE waiting list as well, and retrieve funds from HSE. The refunded amount that the HSE would pay depends on the treatment and the country where the treatment is received. In many European countries, the prices of medical services are usually lower than in the Ireland private sector even in private healthcare facilities. By using our services you could get your treatment sooner.

Can I get HSE funding for treatment abroad?

The basic principle is that if you are waiting on the waiting list in Ireland for any treatment including (hip, knee or endometriosis or any type of treatment) you can have them abroad without waiting. There is a special HSE process that you would need to undergo, and Medrefund will help you with that. Please fill in our pre-treatment form for the HSE.

Applying for an HSE refund after treatment

In order to apply, you will have to understand what route you have to choose, we provide most of the information on our website. Please follow the link and apply for a refund. If your treatment was unplanned and performed within the state system abroad please fill in our EMERGENCY TREATMENT FORM

If your treatment was planned or emergency and was performed in a private clinic we are still able to help you. Just fill in our PRIVATE TREATMENT REFUND FORM.