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Jump the HSE Waiting List – Get Refund for Healthcare Abroad

Stuck on the HSE waiting list for medical treatment in Ireland? You could be eligible for a refund if you receive healthcare abroad in the EU, EEA, or Switzerland and your condition worsens.

Jump HSE waiting list – go abroad and get refund

MedRefund – Your Partner for Jumping the HSE Waiting List

As a resident of Ireland, you have the right to receive medical treatment in any EU country and claim back money spent on healthcare. MedRefund LTD specializes in helping residents of the EU and EEA navigate the necessary procedures to plan and retrieve funds.

Take advantage of lower healthcare costs in Europe and get the treatment you need sooner by choosing to receive medical care abroad. The HSE will pay a refund based on the type of treatment and country where it was received.

Can I Get HSE Funding for Healthcare Abroad?

Yes, if you’re waiting for any type of treatment, including orthopedic surgeries (hip, knee), gynaecological surgeries (endometriosis), or other medical procedures, you can have them abroad and jump the HSE waiting list. The HSE has a special process, which MedRefund can help you with. Fill out our pre-treatment form for HSE today.

Applying for an HSE Refund after Healthcare Abroad

To apply for a refund, you need to choose the right route. MedRefund provides most of the information on our website. Follow the link to our “Jump the HSE Waiting List” page and apply for a refund now. If your treatment was unplanned and performed in a state system abroad, fill out our emergency treatment form. If your treatment was planned or emergency and performed in a private clinic, fill out our private treatment refund form.