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Medical refund application form – Norway

Claim a refund from Helfo for treatment received abroad. You have received treatment abroad? It does not matter if it was planned or an emergency you can apply for a refund from Helfo. You can apply for a refund even in cases when treatment was pre-arranged or the clinic/ hospital did not accept your EHIC, you can still make a claim. You can receive planned and emergency treatment provided by any clinic or hospital abroad and apply for a refund.

Can I get a refund from Helfo if the treatment was in a private clinic?

If you had received and paid for healthcare abroad in a private clinic/hospital, you can apply for a refund. It does not matter if the provider was a state hospital or a private clinic

What treatments you can be refunded by HELFO?

Helfo will refund all necessary and emergency services received in a state clinic. If treatment was received in a Private clinic Helfo will refund treatments that are the same or equivalent in Norway. Within the Directive route, you can receive planned and emergency treatment In other words if you would afford treatment in Norway you will should a refund.

Refund application Helfo Norway. Refund for treatment abroad if you live in Norway. Get payment for an emergency or planned treatment abroad.

Are there exemptions when I can get a refund from Helfo?

Helfo could insist that you had to undergo the same steps if you would receive treatment in Norway. It means Helfo has a right to refuse a refund if you had surgery without having prior consultation. This is the path every patient within the Helfo system has to undergo.

How long do I have to apply for a refund in Norway?

You can apply no later than 6 months after the treatment. If several treatments were received during a continuous stay in the hospital, the time limit starts from the date you were discharged from the hospital. As an example, if you had a hip replacement in Poland, the application end period is 6 months after you have left the hospital.

A refund for medical treatment in a private clinic abroad is possible!

If you are only planning to get your treatment abroad you can get a guaranteed refund amount from Helfo. Apply now using our Helfo pre-treatment application form.